Katia's Pet Photography Backdrop Review


My name is Katia. I am an amateur photographer and volunteer for the local animal shelter taking adoptable dog photos.

I used to use solid color, seamless paper backdrop, but I found it boring and couldn’t reuse the paper for a next session. The paper gets dirty with paw prints and can’t be cleaned after dog accidents. I started looking for friendly options and found it with Fab Backdrops.

I bought a Fab Backdrops Wood Floor Vinyl Photography Backdrop and absolutely love it! The wood floor print gives a nice texture and adds a lovely touch to my dog photos. The vinyl makes it so easy to clean up and maintain, and it’s light in weight to carry. The material looks very sturdy, the colors are intact after many clean ups with wet wipes.

I have received many compliments about the new backdrop, everybody likes it! Here are some photos so you can see the difference between paper and Fab Backdrops!

So, I decided to get my second vinyl backdrop from Fab Backdrops. I think I will use the wood floor on the floor and get a bokeh backdrop for the wall. A nice pretty background is so important in photography, as it frames your object. These wonderful adoptable dogs would look so cute and adorable that they will find loving homes in a heartbeat!

Thank you Fab Backdrops!


Katia, Photographer and Dog Lover, owner of Life is Good with Dogs, Adoptable Pet Photography

Life is Good with Dogs is all about photographing adoptable pets from different animal rescues in Miami, to help these beautiful pets find their forever or temporary loving home . I hope you fall in love with one (or many) of them and hopefully encourage you to adopt or foster.


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