My new go-to vendor for studio backdrops and floor drops


Word about FabDrops/FabFloors: My new go-to vendor for studio backdrops and floor drops

Brandi Varnell, Photographer and Owner of Brandi Varnell Photography--Gold Bar, WA

Remember why you started your photography business? I started because I loved the creative part of it...having a vision and creating something beautiful in the final product. But sometimes, creating a studio set is a challenging and daunting task--especially for a new photographer. You may try product after product and spend thousands of dollars looking for something that reflects your vision in the finished photograph as clearly as you saw it in your imagination when designing the set--and provides you all that you need in your studio setting. How long did it take you to find a product that exceeded your expectations and did not completely frustrate you or just plain wear you out to set up? Maybe you are frustrated now, and just need some direction? My friend, I can help you out!

As my photography business and skill matured over the years, I realized exactly what I needed when seeking backdrops and floor drops-- essential tools for my studio sessions. It was simple, really. I needed vibrant, true to color in camera, depth producing backdrops and floordrops with no glare that were flexible, easy to tote around with me from place to place, did not wrinkle, and were easily cleaned. I needed floor drops that were non skid and super portable. I needed a product that was as beautiful on camera as it was when it caught my eye while shopping for it. I needed a product that I could quickly manage alone, without an assistant, and that would provide me use after use after use. (not too much to ask, right?) After years of trying many types of product: Vinyl, (glare and scratches) PolyPaper (wrinkles, scratches and loses imagery with tape on floors etc) ...I have finally found two products I love. FabDrops and FabFloors.

The FabDrop cloth backdrops are so incredibly easy to use. The pole pocket makes for a simple set up--and with the beautiful dimension of the product designs, a slight curve in the set, and some gaffer tape-- it is simple to create a scene that takes your breath away. The matte presentation makes for NO glare, and makes lighting a sinch! They are durable, portable, and literally, I can roll them up and throw them in my bag to go! The FabFloors multiple designs, dimension, and color with rubber non skid backing and roll up storage are the winning addition to the studio scene. Simply invite your client onto the set, adjust your lighting..then, get right down to the business of your vision and have a little fun with it! These products are without a doubt my new favorites, and I can't wait to add more and more of them to my studio! Their ease of use and beauty make my job less daunting, set up and take down quick and easy, and my creative process so much more enjoyable! I am proud to hand my clients their finished photographs using these FabDrops and FabFloors! Thanks FabDrops!

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