Fabdrops, a wrinkle free backdrop solution


Do you have a photo shoot coming up but don’t have a quality backdrop?

Well we do, and i’ll tell you from experience, these backdrops are top notch! For sometime now we had been searching for wrinkle free, awesome print quality, true color representation, smudge free backdrops. For those of you who have experience shooting with backdrops know what i mean when i say smudge free... I was recently given the opportunity to review an awesome product from FabDrops, now my favorite backdrop provider.

Fabdrops offers a wide range of backdrop solutions for any occasion whether your interested in glamour or fashion style shoots all the way to casual holiday Christmas portraits! We use them for many different applications here at our studio in Emeryville. I must admit that before using Fabdrops, we were looking for a plug and play drop for our photo booth canopy which measures exactly 5x7 sq ft all around. Fabdrops was the only backdrop provider we could find that would match our desired dimensions. Thanks Fabdrops!

That’s right! No longer do you have to bring an iron to your shoots! Fabdrops fabulous material offers a wrinkle free solution. For a few extra bucks, you can go with the Fab Material and save yourself a lot of headaches. “A revolutionary fabric made of heavyweight wrinkle free sweatshirt like knit material” makes for an amazing product that helps eliminate those unwanted shadows. These backdrops have not only saved us countless hours during the setup process but also helped us eliminate any unwanted hotspots from our strobes and florescent lights. Even light distribution has never been easier.

Nothing makes me happier than having a product that gets the job done. With that said, Fabdrops has been a tremendous help and improvement over our last backdrop provider. Once you try Fabdrops you’ll never look back.

Fab Drops Black & Grey Damask Photography Studio Backdrop

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